Custom, efficient medical cart manufacturing, designed for you.

T&D Medical manufactures ISO 9001:2008 certified medical carts for distributors in the health care industry. A subsidiary of T&D Metal Products, we have been designing and creating quality steel, aluminum and stainless steel products since our inception. Our commitment to you is simple: to provide quality carts and accessories at an affordable price. As a family owned business, we take pride in our work and our name. That’s why we manufacture our own products and oversee every stage of the process. When you work with T&D, you’re working with family.

Premium Quality. Affordable Cost.

Whether isolation, anesthesia, emergency, pediatric or procedures, our carts are customized to the application. We design our carts with medical practitioners in mind – meaning that every color, size, shape and accessory is carefully crafted to assist, not impede the important work they do every day. We are so confident that you’ll appreciate every detail that goes into each cart, that we cover all manufactured parts under a five year warranty.


We have so much more to show you. Contact our customer care center at 833-691-9015 for our complete product offering.