Cart Accessories

Many of the carts offered allow for customization to fit your specific needs. Browse the accessories offered to see how we can help you find the best cart possible.

We have so much more to show you! Contact our customer care center at 815-432-4938 for our complete product offering.


TTRM-9 Trellis
Trellis system adds appr. 22″ to the height of the cart
TTBM-5 Tilt 5 bin unit
TTBM-4 Tilt 4 bin unit
TUHM-1 Utility hooks
TOBM-1 Oxygen Tank brackets
TSUM-1 Suction Unit Holder
TPHM-1 Tubular Push Handle

TMTM-3K 2 TMTM-3 Trays,
4 TMTM-3L Long Dividers, 8 TMTM-3S Short Dividers
Fits 3″ standard drawer
TEFM-9 9″ Standard Cart Divider Set
2 – rails and 6 dividers
SNSM-1 Narrow Single Shelf
TSRM-1 Standard Cart Tubular Rail
TGBM-1 Single Glove Box Holder
OAD: 10″H x 4″D x 5 3/4″W
TGBM-3 Triple Glove Box Holder
OAD: 10″H x 4″D x 16 1/4″W
TIVM-1 IV Pole
TTDM-3 Tape Dispenser for cart/table top

TMHM-9-Full drawer tray with 33 ampule holders
OAD: 21 1/2″W x 15 1/2″D x 2 5/16″H

2 TMTM-3 Trays
4 TMTM-3L Long Dividers
8 TMTM-3S Short Dividers

Fits 3″ standard drawer

2 TMTM-5 Trays, 2 TMTM-5L Long Dividers,
4 TMTM-5S Short Dividers
Fits 6″ standard drawer
TCDM-1-Corner Defib. Shelf, swivels 360 degrees
Adustable 13″ -18″W X 12″ D
25 lb. capacity – not for Mini Series Cart

TTWM-3-Twin Push Handles – Standard Cart
STWM-3-Twin Push Handles – Select Series Cart